Unit 8, Block B

An attractive first-floor space situated in the heart of Chesterwell Plaza’s metropolitan-style surroundings, Unit 8 is well-suited to house a range of shops, studios and branches, such as a doctor or dental surgery, optician, legal firm, marketing agency, accountant and many other professional applications.

Block B (Units 4-8)

Covering 1,258 sq ft of space and based very close to the Plaza’s ample car park and central leisure area, Unit 8 is applicable for all Class E planning uses. For any professional company seeking to operate and grow in an appealing, modern environment, with easy access to major roads and Colchester Station, this presents an ideal opportunity.

The area’s contemporary café culture and beautifully designed architecture will appeal to businesses in all industries, accessible not only to the residents of Chesterwell, but also to those living and working across Colchester and beyond.

With beautiful green spaces, striking architecture and an abundance of free parking, Chesterwell Plaza delivers a fantastic setting for businesses to thrive and individuals to work, as this development is supported by cycle paths, is located in close proximity to Park and Ride, and features a flagship East of England Co-op supermarket right on the doorstep.

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